Why “the better”? And why “wordpress.com”

Ask question, answer question. That’s a kind of “rhetoric”!

“the better” came out of my war with “wordpress.com” protocols.

There was an original aitengri.wordpress.com, with a listing of aitengri’s comments, etc. That account was set up in September 2011, and accessed an email address with a company I now despise, with some other password (“other” is my shorthand way of describing the irrecoverable pratfall of a net newbie).

Damn! After trying every password and mail combo my own brain had ever devised, I remained locked out.

The way I look at it, I was kicked out of my original home by a nerd-like assault on my own, my personal, my unique and cleverly wrought identity! Displaced, like Native Americans by – but, I won’t complete this sentence. Off topic, my feelings in the matter.

But check out aitengri.wordpress.com, and you’ll find evidence that I really lived there.

Well, refugees emigrate or migrate, rebellions happen, people change identities for many reasons. My solution? You’ve got it, right here!

As for “wordpress.com”, I happen to like the connection to “words” implicit in the url as freely handed out. What would be so additionally unique were I to drop “wordpress” and pay for “aitengrithebetter.com”?

Marseillaise strikes up between my ears, stirring, revolutionary, “Allons enfants de la patrie“, then morphs into L’Internationale!

The theme is struck, you take it from there.

Meanwhile, I’m the same “aitengri” that started up on a mountain top and hatched in a nest. Now as a human author, I am aitengri who stations himself here, in this place!


These primal matters of origin and psychic heritage are embedded in personal writings and collections of files from many sources, including my own ante-natal (that’s not  pre-natal) existence.

Like, not life in the womb, but in another universe.

And in any endgame, for you, for me, its the life of the mind (dare I use this term) “Über alles”?

Mind = Word = in the beginning was = what is happening here

I am that I am.