Northern California

Bio: My action here: Ikon buster (iconoclast). My credo: the Word is all important. What about "me" does anyone need to know? I'm not asking about "you"! I may not be a "know it all", but I do know a lot about the inner workings of "thought", "thinking" if you will. We've got to do it as humans, as land based dolphins, as biting snakes, as happy but hungry dogs, you get the drift. All right, a little bit more in traditional mode: in the process of re-incarnating during my 9th decade, can generate extra galactic music when at a piano keyboard, will use this venue to promote literary ideas and word constructs generated just as this instaprofile is being generated. Don't worry about my credentials, that's trivia. You want or need more? Need better authentication? If enough emails request this, I'll generate a personally generic one (that is NOT a contradiction in terms) (don't speak Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Eurobabble, except for French. Qui, je peux le parler, assez bien. Obviously I am going on here in AngloAussieAmero twanglish)

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